5-EAPB HCI is a research chemical, descending from the Dissociatives family with a specific effect as the product is 98% pure.
5-EAPB HCI is sold under a high controlled quality. To be sure that there are no unexpected ingredients in the product that obstruct the specific effect, you order your research chemicals at Promumchem.

Promumchem specializes in selling the best 5-EAPB HCI.
Another important feature of Promumchem is the guaranteed delivery of your order. For a guaranteed delivery you order your 5-EAPB HCI with registered mail (track & trace).

The delivery of 5-EAPB HCI is between 2-3 days after receipt of payment.

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Promumchem stands by the quality of its products so you don’t have to guess. Promumchem is a leader in the production of designer drugs and research chemicals and makes a pledge to purity and quality. 5-EAPB HCL can be purchased from Promumchem in fine pharmaceutical powder. Please see our list of other fine products available to you now. Promumchem is your supplier of high-quality products and you can buy 5-EAPB HCL here.

Once your purchase is approved by Promumchem to buy 5-EAPB HCL, your delivery is guaranteed. We will not promise the sale of any order that we cannot deliver.

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